Budget-Friendly Water Heater Installation and Repair in O’Fallon

You probably don’t think much about your water heater until it stops working. And then you’re stuck with cold showers. You don’t have to guess about who to call for water heater repair. Our professionals at Home Heating & Cooling offer fast, affordable water heater installation and repair in O’Fallon and surrounding areas.

Our water heater repair service in O’Fallon and neighboring communities includes:
• Gas water heater repair
• Electric water heater repair
• Tankless water heater repair

Our family has more than 30 years of experience helping families like yours live more comfortably through water heater repair and water heater installation. You can count on us to provide you with an honest opinion and fair prices. We offer free estimates and free second opinions so you can be confident you’re making the right decision when it comes to water heater installation.

At Home Heating & Cooling, we’re here to help with your water heater when you need us. Give us a call at 618-416-0111 to request a free estimate or schedule your appointment today!
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5 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair or Installation

Your water heater can slowly develop problems over time. Here are a few signs that yours is wearing out and may soon need repairs or replacement.

1. Age

Water heaters have a short life span. Traditional tank water heaters usually last about 8–10 years, while tankless water heaters last for about 20 years. If yours is getting close to this age, it’s time to start planning for installing a new water heater.

2. Decreased Hot Water

Your water heater becomes less efficient as it ages and as minerals build up in the tank. If it takes a long time for your water to heat up, or your hot water is running out more quickly, give Home Heating & Cooling a call to figure out the problem.

3. Strange Noises

Hearing rumbling noises from your water heater? It’s likely due to sediment building up in the tank over time. As this happens, your water heater works harder and consumes more energy to heat water. Eventually the tank could crack and have a catastrophic leak. To slow sediment buildup, we recommend having your tank flushed annually by a Home Heating & Cooling professional.

4. Rust

Sudden rust in your water or on the outside of your tank isn’t a good sign. Once this happens, it’s time to replace your water heater.

5. Leaks

This is the most obvious water heater issue. Some might only need simple water heater repair, like a fitting or connection, while water pooling around the bottom of the tank is a sign replacement is imminent.

Types of Water Heaters We Install

We offer services for gas water heater installation and electric water heater installation. Learn more about the types of water heaters we install.

Tank Water Heaters

Tank water heaters are the most common type of water heaters because they’re also the most affordable. Here are several other perks of having one in your home:

  • Lower purchase and installation cost.
  • Immediate hot water since the tank is constantly storing and heating water.
  • Often requires no changes to gas lines or circuitry.
  • No minimum flow rate.
  • Some are ENERGY STAR® certified, which may make you eligible for additional rebates.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters deliver unlimited hot water on demand. They’re extremely energy efficient because they heat water on demand instead of storing it. Here are a few other benefits of tankless water heater installation:

  • Compact and can be installed in a variety of locations, including a closet or under the sink.
  • Up to 34% more efficient than a tank water heater, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Lasts twice as long as a tank water heater.
  • Lower risk of catastrophic flooding, because it doesn’t store water.
  • Many are ENERGY STAR certified, which may make you eligible for additional rebates.

Our Pros Can Handle All Your Needs for Water Heater Repair and Installation

Whether you need water heater repair or installation, our professionals at Home Heating & Cooling can handle the job quickly and affordably. Give us a call at 618-416-0111 to request your free estimate or appointment today!

Communities We Serve

We serve the entire St. Louis area, including these communities and surrounding areas.
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