Deactivate Airborne Particles with UV Germicidal Lights

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The main cause of poor indoor air quality is the presence of airborne contaminants like bacteria and mold spores. These microorganisms can cause illness or exacerbate conditions like asthma and seasonal allergies. To stop them, these particles need to be trapped, filtered out or deactivated. A UV germicidal light is particularly effective against microorganisms as well as other airborne contaminants like pollen and animal dander.

Installing a UV germicidal light can be a great investment for your HVAC system. Just one lamp can deactivate airborne particles and prevent them from affecting your air quality. What’s more, they can be combined with other IAQ equipment like air purification systems. When you have UV germicidal light and installation support from Home Heating & Cooling, you have a great combination for improving indoor air quality in O’Fallon.

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What Is UV Germicidal Light?

An ultraviolet germicidal lamp uses the same kind of radiation as the sun. Ultraviolet light is invisible to our eyes but can cause sunburn and other issues when exposed for too long. Indoor air quality uses UV light for its ability to prevent microorganisms from replicating. But you need a specific kind of UV light, because there are actually three different wavelengths:

1. UV-A light:

UV-A radiation is used in tanning beds for artificial tans. This weaker wavelength is responsible for tanning and aging of skin.

2. UV-B light:

A stronger wavelength, UV-B rays are capable of causing sunburn. Limited exposure is recommended.

3. UV-C light:

UV-C light is the most powerful form of ultraviolet light. It is used to purify or sterilize germs by hospital and indoor air quality equipment.
To get the most benefit, UV germicidal light should be placed in your ductwork to purify air as it passes by. Without the ability to replicate or reproduce, airborne particle activity slows down or stops entirely. This effectively sanitizes indoor air, making it cleaner and healthier to breathe.

The Different Types of UV Lights

There are different types of UV lamps. Finding the best UV light for your HVAC system depends on personal preference and existing HVAC equipment. The two primary types of UV lamps are coil sanitizing lights and air sanitizing lights.

Coil Sanitizing Lights

These lamps are focused on your air conditioner’s condenser coil. This key component condenses moisture into liquid form so it can be safely drained away. Unfortunately, this moisture can also help encourage mold or bacterial growth. Placing a UV lamp here will sanitize the coil before these particles can reach the rest of your HVAC component.

This style of lamp is a bit simpler, and ideal for AC systems with only one condenser coil. But since the light is concentrated on the condenser coil, it won’t work for airborne contaminants present in other parts of the HVAC system.

Air Sanitizing Lights

Air sanitizing lamps are installed directly in the ductwork. As air returns from a cycle in the ductwork, it has to pass the UV light. If particles are already airborne, this kind of light will work best. An air sanitizing lamp can also be connected to components like the blower motor, starting and stopping at the same time. You could receive the same air purification benefits while using less energy to power the lamp.

Benefits of UV Light Air Purification

Like other indoor air quality equipment, UV lights have a lot of benefits for your health and hygiene. They can improve your sense of comfort in the following ways:
  • Removing unpleasant odors:strong> Many bad smells at home are because of microorganisms. UV light will sanitize the mold, bacteria and fungal growth responsible for musty, pungent smells.
  • Relieving respiratory symptoms: Coughing, sneezing and sinus inflammation are worse when airborne particles are floating around. UV lights can also reduce pollen and dander, which cause many of these symptoms.
  • Keeping contaminants from reducing energy efficiency: If airborne particles accumulate too much on a key component, it can prevent it from working properly. This could lower your energy efficiency and increase the risk of problems.

Trust Home Heating & Cooling for Healthy Indoor Air

Everyone at Home Heating & Cooling knows you deserve clean and healthy indoor air. We sell and service a wide range of effective solutions including UV germicidal lights. If your home is having trouble with airborne contaminants, a UV lamp can shine the right light on the problem.

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