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We spend a lot of time indoors. In fact, we’re inside about 90% of the time, according to the EPA. Because homes, offices and other buildings are tightly sealed to improve energy efficiency, the EPA says indoor air can be 2–5 times more polluted than outdoors.

Breathe more comfortably with Home Heating & Cooling’s indoor air quality solutions in O’Fallon and surrounding areas. Customer service and integrity are our top priorities, so you can depend on our professionals to give you an honest opinion and competitive prices on indoor air pollution solutions. We won’t recommend an expensive product that you don’t need.

We also believe in treating our customers like our neighbors, so we offer special discounts for active-duty military, veterans, first responders and seniors. Whatever issue you’re facing, we can solve it with our air quality solutions. Give us a call at 618-416-0111 to request your free estimate today!
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3 Signs You Have Bad Air Quality in Your Home

Here are a few signs that the air quality in your home is suffering, and the indoor air quality solutions and strategies you can take to improve it.

1. Your Home is Really Dusty

Clean regularly but still noticing a lot of dust, especially around registers? Indoor air quality and HVAC systems go hand-in-hand, so you might benefit from upgrading your air filter or installing an air filtration system.

2. Comfort Issues

Your comfort can really suffer when some rooms feel hotter or more humid than others. This can be indicative of HVAC indoor air quality issues with airflow and humidity. Having too much or too little humidity in your home affects your health but installing a whole-home humidifier or dehumidifier can resolve this issue.

3. Lingering Odors

Since modern homes are so tightly built, there’s little chance for air to escape. You might notice your home smells musty or odors are hanging around after you cook or clean. Polluted air can cause health problems, like headaches and respiratory irritation. But opening the windows isn’t always an option, especially during the winter. That’s where air filtration and ventilation systems can help through purification and introducing fresh air from outdoors.

How to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

We offer a number of solutions to improve your comfort and your home’s indoor air quality. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, our professionals can help you find just the right option.

Air Filtration Systems

An air filtration system is a step up from your furnace’s basic air filter. This system is installed in your ductwork and provides an extra level of purification with HEPA filters and charcoal filters in select models to eliminate odors.

Germicidal UV Lights

A germicidal UV light works along with your HVAC system to disinfect air before it circulates through your home. This powerful light can even eliminate some viruses under certain airflow conditions.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Single-room humidifiers and dehumidifiers aren’t a great solution when your whole house needs them. You’ll have to lug them from room to room and avoid spilling water as you go. A whole-home humidifier or dehumidifier works with your home comfort system to deliver balanced humidity across your entire home. Keeping humidity in check can also help your home feel more comfortable at a more energy-efficient temperature.

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems can keep your indoor air fresh throughout the year. These systems exhaust stale indoor air and replace it with fresh outdoor air. Some models can even help you get rid of excess moisture during the summer or retain more heat during the winter.

Find Your Indoor Air Quality Solution at Home Heating & Cooling

Improving your home’s indoor air quality is always a wise decision, especially if someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma. Our air quality heating and air conditioning professionals at Home Heating & Cooling are here to help you breathe more easily, so give us a call at 618-416-0111 today to get started. We’ll help you find the right indoor air quality system for your home.

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