Complement Any Room with a Mini-Split System

Lennox Mini Split System - outdoor and mounted ductless mini split AC
Sometimes certain rooms or spaces don’t seem as comfortable as the rest of your home. But before you think it’s time to overhaul your HVAC system, there may be another solution. An air conditioner isn’t the only option when it comes to effective climate control. In fact, other types of HVAC equipment may be a better fit for certain problems.

A ductless mini-split system offers robust performance in a compact design. Ideal for single rooms or other small areas, a quality model can more efficiently resolve specific comfort problems than a central AC or furnace system. Home Heating & Cooling can provide the support your mini-split system needs. Our repair, maintenance and new installation services are some of the finest in and around O’Fallon.

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Enjoy Customized Comfort from Central Air Conditioners

You may have heard of a mini-split system before. Also known as a multi-split system or split-ductless system, these smaller models are unlike traditional heating and cooling equipment. Mini-split AC models are for air conditioning only, while others function like a heat pump.

The split comes from their two-unit design, where one is placed outside the home while the other is installed in the specific room you want to address. But that doesn’t mean mini-split systems are restricted to two. In fact, connecting multiple indoor units to one another is an effective solution for smaller homes.

Mini-split systems aren’t connected to your home’s ductwork, only between the indoor and outdoor unit. Installing new air ducts can be an expensive process, making mini-splits an especially affordable solution.

Try a Versatile Model from Lennox®

Since mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps differ from central whole-home equipment, it’s important to determine the best way to handle installation. An experienced technician from Home Heating & Cooling can review your home and existing HVAC equipment. If a mini-split system is the right solution, the next step is choosing the ideal model.

Luckily, Home Heating & Cooling works closely with Lennox. Their line of mini-split systems can provide the compact yet reliable performance you need. With ENERGY STAR®-rated efficiency, Lennox ductless mini-splits are effective regardless of whether you need them for heating or cooling.

But if you have another make and model in mind, that’s fine too. Installation is handled with precision and the long-term health of your entire HVAC system regardless.

Benefits of Mini-Splits Systems

1. Flexible Comfort Solutions

Their small design and multi-unit compatibility offer more flexibility compared to ducted central systems. Tuck them away in cramped corners or high up on interior walls. Ductless mini-splits are especially useful for zoning setups, where you can adjust the specific temperature for multiple rooms.

2. Minimal Energy Use and Installation Costs

Putting in new ductwork is a messy and time-consuming process. Mini-splits don’t require a connection to your ventilation, saving on installation costs. And since they use less fuel when running, you could see lower energy bills too!

3. Ideal for Renovations and Small, Detached Buildings

Wood shops, garden sheds and other niche structures don’t have to be uncomfortable. A mini-split can turn a hobby space or recent renovation into an oasis of comfort.

Call Today for Prompt, Professional Mini-Split Service

Combine an effective mini-split with an experienced technician from Home Heating & Cooling. We’ll make sure everything is installed and maintained as seamlessly as possible. That’s the standard of customer service people in and around O’Fallon have come to expect.

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