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Lennox Air Handlers for improved airflow
While your home’s indoor air temperature is crucial for a sense of comfort, it’s not the only influence. How well air circulates through your home can greatly affect the overall efficiency of your HVAC system. Have you noticed hot or cold spots in certain rooms? Planning a big renovation project? Make sure your home’s airflow is ready!

A quality air handler may be able to help. If you own a heat pump-based system, an air handler ensures both heating and cooling circulates evenly. Even with traditional HVAC equipment, an air handler may be a useful addition to many homes. Home Heating & Cooling can provide outstanding support through our repair, maintenance and new installation services. We can help make sure your new air handler is up to the challenge.

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What Is an Air Handler?

Many homeowners haven’t heard of an air handler. They’re typically ideal for heat pump HVAC systems, since they lack the components necessary for managing airflow. An air handler quite literally “handles” this instead, using a blower motor and evaporator coil to circulate comfort throughout your home.

Models often resemble a furnace but can be placed in tighter spaces. And unlike a furnace, your air handler can provide both warm and cool air. Make sure your air handler is the appropriate size before its installed. A heat pump isn’t always enough for larger homes, so you want the air handler to make up the difference. If a model is too big for your needs, you could end up with a less efficient HVAC setup.

Lennox® Air Handlers Are a Popular Choice

Home Heating & Cooling only works with quality brands that can offer powerful, reliable HVAC solutions. Lennox® air handlers are trusted for their efficient design. Variable speeds in the Merit® Series make optimizing airflow simple, while the Signature® Collection boasts a combination of powerful yet quiet performance.

Your technician can help you determine which air handler is ideal for your home, based on what you consider most important. Our only priority is your sense of comfort, so you can trust us not to insist on equipment or services you don’t need.

Advantages of Installing an Air Handler

The right air handler can make a noticeable difference. If you’re considering installing one, here are some of the most popular benefits.

1. Perfect for Mild Climates

Since a heat pump only transfers heat instead of generating it, an air handler is ideal for temperate climates. You can make do with less equipment, which means fewer HVAC expenses.

2. Quiet Operation

Unlike clunky furnaces, an air handler produces minimal noise. Sound-conscious homeowners will appreciate how quietly an air handler is when running.

3. Efficient circulation

Having dedicated circulation equipment ensures your home’s airflow is robust enough for your needs. A well-installed heat pump and air handler can provide some of the most efficient climate control available!

4. Reduced energy consumption

Generating heat or conditioning air uses a lot of energy. An air handler-based system requires much less fuel to maintain pleasant temperatures. This can result in lower monthly bills, and a lot of savings over a system’s life span.

Keep Things Flowing Smoothly Today

With the right technician, your new air handler will be installed quickly and seamlessly. Home Heating & Cooling can provide just that, in and around O’Fallon. Why not find out what we can do for you?

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