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Streamline Daily Comfort with Smart Thermostats in O'Fallon

No matter what makes and models you have as part of your HVAC system, they’re controlled by your home’s thermostat. This important HVAC accessory directs heating and cooling to keep you comfortable. But with modern technology, programmable and smart thermostats offer a lot more than a few buttons for adjusting the temperature.

These new, programmable thermostats are packed with features that can help you control your HVAC system more efficiently. Smart thermostats can actively monitor your daily usage habits and automatically adjust to them for peak effectiveness. The HVAC pros at Home Heating & Cooling will help you find the thermostat that’s right for you, with our quality installation in and around O’Fallon.

To learn more, speak with our staff at 618-416-0111. Smart thermostat installation is quick and hassle-free, so request your free quote today!

Smart Thermostats Offer Fine-Tuned Comfort

Many homeowners believe they have to constantly adjust the thermostat for energy-efficient climate control. But these new programmable and smart thermostats include software designed to help take the guesswork out of daily HVAC management. With a quality model, your smart thermostat can recommend the ideal schedule for maintaining comfortable temperatures at home.

The key difference of smart thermostats is their ability to track your usage habits. If you prefer a warm bedroom in the morning or some extra AC while you cook up a storm, your smart thermostat can pick up on that. It can adapt to your preferences, balancing how you like to use your thermostat with the most energy-efficient schedule.

And that’s just the beginning. Many programmable and smart thermostats come with other unique advantages, such as:

1. Remote control:

Smart thermostats can be connected to other smart devices like your phone or tablet. With the ability to control your HVAC system from anywhere, you don’t have to leave your thermostat on inefficient schedules while you’re at work or on vacation.

2. Safety and maintenance reminders:

With digital screens and the ability to connect to your smart phone, these thermostats can quickly deliver useful information. If a problem is detected or routine maintenance is required, the thermostat can let you know.

3. Compatibility with other smart devices:

Smart thermostats can sync up to other smart home technology, such as indoor air quality equipment. The more these systems communicate with each other, the better your sense of comfort can be at home.

4. Unrivaled energy efficiency:

Gradually adjusting temperatures each day is the most energy efficient way to use your HVAC system. An ENERGY STAR® certified programmable thermostat can help you save on your monthly energy bill, which really adds up over the lifespan of well-maintained equipment.

Trust Home Heating & Cooling for Installation and Support

The comfort experts at Home Heating & Cooling will do everything we can to improve your sense of comfort at home. We can sit down and explore your heating and cooling preferences to determine how you could benefit from smart thermostat installation. The process itself is fast and hassle-free, and you may even be able to recoup installation costs with available rebates.
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