Find the Ideal Airflow with Our Air Balancing in O’Fallon

The right HVAC system has enough power to heat and cool your entire home. But sometimes you’re still not getting the consistent comfort you expect. Maybe there are large differences in the temperature between different rooms, or maybe you’re struggling with hot or cold spots. Even top-of-the-line HVAC equipment can be affected by poor air balancing.

Air balancing is the process HVAC technicians use to review airflow and maintain comfortable temperatures across your home. If you’re not getting the balanced heating and cooling you want, call Home Heating & Cooling today. Our HVAC experts offer professional air balancing in O’Fallon. We’ll perform a comprehensive evaluation of your HVAC system, looking for weaknesses. After that, we can work together on choosing the right solution.

Home Heating & Cooling can help you too. Request a free estimate today by giving us a call at 618-416-0111.

What Is Air Balancing?

Air balancing looks for inefficiencies in your HVAC system relating to airflow and temperature distribution. It can involve all aspects of your HVAC system, such as the equipment itself, your ductwork and accessories like the thermostat. If the weaknesses are found and addressed correctly, you can improve airflow throughout your home.

An air balancing inspection will thoroughly review your home’s ductwork and HVAC equipment, looking for problems such as:

  • Cracked or leaking air ducts
  • Undersized equipment or ductwork
  • Inefficient layout and duct design
  • Faulty thermostat hardware or settings

How Does Air Balancing Work?

Depending on what your technician finds, there are a wide range of possible solutions. When used effectively, air balancing will identify the most efficient setup for airflow within your HVAC system.

Using special equipment, we can measure how much air is escaping from each vent. We’ll be able to track airflow as well as air pressure and humidity. As we move from room to room, we can slowly create an understanding of how air is flowing inside your home. If air balancing is needed, we’ll start forming a plan for you to move forward.

The Benefits of Air Balancing with Home Heating & Cooling

Home Heating & Cooling guarantees effective air handling services. Once we optimize your HVAC system’s airflow, you can immediately enjoy the benefits.

  1. More energy efficient. Ductwork with poor air balancing might not be as efficient as an HVAC system with an optimized layout. Home Heating & Cooling offers expert duct design services that can help determine the best layout for your ventilation.
  2. Longer life span. When your HVAC system is working at peak efficiency, it can have a positive effect on your equipment’s overall life span. You may be able to get a few more years of reliable service if proper air balancing is achieved.
  3. Clean, healthy and comfortable. Did you know air balancing can address indoor air quality as well? Optimized circulation can help reduce airborne substances like mold, pollen and dust. Your indoor air will be cleaner and healthier. You’ll also receive heating and cooling more quickly, as your equipment needs less time to reach desired temperatures.

You’ll receive the most benefits if you let a professional technician provide air balancing services. Choose Home Heating & Cooling for fast, courteous service every step of the way. Our technicians are trained and certified, and can assist you with a wide variety of other HVAC services.

Why not call today for details about our products and services? We can also provide a free estimate for an air balancing inspection. Call us today at 618-416-0111 to get started.

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