Expert Furnace Installation in Waterloo

When winter's chill descends upon Waterloo, IL, you want to know your home is warm and ready for when you return. An old or worn-down furnace can struggle to keep things comfortable, and may even fail without warning.

If your current furnace is at the end of its life span, get in touch with the heating experts at Home Heating & Cooling. Our team of certified HVAC professionals has years of experience helping you find the perfect replacement furnace for your heating needs. We'll ensure a seamless installation process, setting your furnace up for years of dependable service.

Home Heating & Cooling has been offering outstanding heating and cooling services to Waterloo, IL, and surrounding communities for more than 30 years. As a family- and veteran-owned business, we see everyone in Waterloo as part of our family. Don't hesitate to give us a call and request a free estimate for furnace installation in Waterloo, IL. Call Home Heating & Cooling today at 618-416-0111!
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When It May Be Time for Furnace Replacement

Is your furnace having a rough time? If it's on the newer side, then repairs are typically the best option. But if your furnace is older and experiencing problems more frequently, investing in new furnace installation service may be the most cost-effective decision. Here are some of the most common situations that signal it’s time for a replacement.

The Furnace’s Age

Furnaces won’t last forever, so even the age can offer information about when it may be time to replace it. Most models last around 15 years, so think about its replacement when your current furnace starts to approach this age. A little preparation beforehand can spare you from a sudden breakdown on a cold night.

Constant Repairs

If the sheer number of repair visits has increased lately, that’s a surefire sign your furnace may not be worth keeping around. If the cost of a repair is approaching half the cost of a new system, you’re better off finding the perfect replacement furnace.

Spike in Energy Bills

Battling an ever-increasing energy bill? It could be the result of a sudden change in weather, but if you’re sticking to your usual routine without any major changes happening at home … it may just be that old and inefficient furnace. Monitor monthly bills for those unexpected spikes so you can take action and start looking for a replacement.

Weak Airflow or Hot/Cold Spots

Is your heating system costing you more than it used to? Hot or cold spots in a few places? These are a few other signs it’s time to replace your furnace. New installation is a good opportunity to check the ductwork and see if a leak is responsible for any stubborn hot or cold spots.

Why Trust Home Heating & Cooling?

Home Heating & Cooling works hard to provide the best heating solutions for your home. Our experienced technicians use their years of experience to recommend a furnace perfect for your needs and budget without compromising on performance or efficiency. We proudly offer Lennox furnaces—leading brands known for their reliability and energy-efficient technology—to ensure warmth in even the coldest winters.

New technology can also help provide lower power bills all year-round, thanks to energy-efficient design and fewer breakdowns. Over the lifetime of a well-maintained system, that can add up to a lot of savings. Home Heating & Cooling offers financing for qualified customers, with discounts available to veterans, military personnel and first responders.

Take the worry out of installing a new furnace. When you’re ready for an upgrade, give our friendly team a call today at 618-416-0111!

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